Vessels - High Speed

Alan C. McClure Associates Develops Line Of 36-Foot Workboats

Alan C. McClure Associates, Inc., of Houston, Texas, has developed a high-speed, multi-mission work-boat for series production. The all aluminum catamaran design has a length of 36 feet 6 inches, a beam of 14 feet and a draft of 1 foot 4 inches.


Gas Turbines: Keeping Fresh With Innovation

Keeping pace with the fast-evolving maritime industry is a mantra at GE Marine with its LM aeroderivative gas turbine line. Going forward, GE Marine will see its LM gas turbines applied in several novel and state-of-the-art military and commercial marine projects.

Rolls-Royce Helps Power Combat Boat Success

Versatile, small high-speed craft are becoming an essential tool for modern naval and paramilitary forces, however the roles of these vessels are expanding. Rolls-Royce's Andrew Rice looks at the evolution of the Combat Boat 90. More than 10 years ago.

Indonesia To Use Jetfoil In Naval, Commercial Roles

A Boeing jetfoil to be evaluated in a variety of naval and commercial roles by the government of Indonesia was launched recently by Boeing Marine Systems in Renton, Wash. Bima Samudera I, the first jetfoil fo r the Republic of Indonesia, will

Navy To Procure Five Boeing PHM Hydrofoils Costing $282.1 Million

The U.S. Department of Defense has authorized the Navy to procure five production versions of the PHM (Patrol Hydrofoil Missileship) under an appropriation of $282.1 million. Delivery of the first vessel in this production program is expected from The Boeing Company, Seattle, Wash.

SNAME Publishes Full Computer Analysis Of Shipping Operations

A project that has been 10 years in the making by the Marine Systems Committee of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers has now come to fruition with the publication of a complete computer analysis of any number of shipping operations using

Lockheed Oil Recovery Device Passes Tests Off California Coast

Another step to control the effects of major open-seas oil spills was taken recently when a Lockheedbuilt experimental oil skimmer and its Coast Guard escorts rode through a storm off the northern California coast. This demonstration of survival capability

Uniflite, Inc., Sells 6 Corsair Patrol Boats To Union Of Burma

Six 32-foot high-speed fire retardant fiberglass Corsair river patrol boats, similar to the U.S. Navy's PBRs, have been sold to the Ministry of Defense of the Union of Burma for a contract price of $606,000 by Uniflite, Inc., military, commercial,

Innovation on the fjords

An initiative to develop a new breed of medium-speed, economical and environmentally compatible, commuter ferry for Norwegian trunk routes has won early approbation from the service operating fraternity. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has

Thames Operator Buys High-Tech Catamarans

FBM Marine Ltd. of Cowes, Isle of Wight, has won a contract to build three new catamaran ferry craft for the Riverbus Partnership who operate the RiverBus service on the River Thames. The 62-seat catamarans are specifically designed for use on riverine and harbor ferry routes.

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